PDFEndobronchial valve treatment of destructive multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
Authors: Levin, A.; Sklyuev, S.; Felker, I.; Tceymach, E.; Krasnov, D.

doc Application of valve bronchus blocking in treatment of patients with pulmonary hemorrhage during extensive tuberculosis

A. V. Levin, E. A. Tseimakh, O. N. Ananko, P.Ye. Zimonin, V. A. Kurtukov, T. I. Deev, S. A. Lochmatov

Application of endobronchial reverse valve in the treatment of tubercular patients with pulmonary hemorrhage promotes reliable hemostasia, stabilization and regress of tuberculosis disease in the affected lung segments. It is not accompanied by development of bronchopulmonary complications.

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doc Application of valve bronchus blocking in treatment of patients with drug resistant extensive tuberculosis

A.V. Levin, Y. A. Tseimakh, P.Ye. Zimonin, S.A. Amelchenko

For last few years in Russia there have been an increase of tuberculosis morbidity rate as well as death rate from this disease [5]. The problem of drug resistance and especially multiple drug resistance (MDR) is traditionally considered one of the most important in phthisiology. The lack of effect from therapy enables patients with drug resistant pulmonary tuberculosis (DRT) emitting drug resistant (DR) micro-bacteria of tuberculosis (MBT) to infect surrounding people by drug resistant causative agents. The more is the number of such patients the higher is the risk to infect new healthy people and get new cases of resistance not only to the main anti tuberculosis preparations (ATP) but also to the reserve ones [6; 16]…

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doc Application of valvular bronchoblocking in complex treatment of acute abscess of left lung complicated by hemorrhage in combination with multitrauma

E. Tseimakh, A. Levin, O. Ananko, S. Kuznetsov, N. Khvastunova, P. Zimonin

Severe multitrauma is one of the tree main reasons of death rate; moreover among people of 40 this reason takes the fist place. Lethality rate during severe multitrauma reaches 45% [1, 2].

Pulmonary hemorrhage is a painful, often fatal complication of a number of lung diseases [3-5].

We present surveillance of successful treatment of acute abscess complicated by hemorrhage in combination with multitrauma by the method of valvular broncoblocking by an original appliance (Patent “A method of treating lung tuberculosis” t70; 2002133917 23.03.2004)…

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doc Application of transbronchial electrocoagulation of bronchial fistulas with postresectional empyemas and residual cavities

A.V. Levin, Y. A. Tseimakh, O.N. Ananko, A.M. Samuilenkov,I.V. Chukanov, P.Ye. Zimonin

Results of treatment of 145 patients with bronchopleural fistulas after operations on lungs are analyzed. The method of visualization of fistulous bronchus under endoscopic control over application a foamed stain, entered into a cavity of empyema is developed. The method of transbronchial diathermocoagulation of fistulous bronchus is developed and clinically approved at residual pleural cavities and postresectional pleural empyemas. The method of transbronchial diathermocoagulation allows to liquidate postresectional pleural empyema and a residual pleural cavity in 1,7 times more often and to avoid operative intervention at 92,2 % of patients.


doc The Valve Bronchial Blockage Setting in Complicated Lung Tuberculosis

Levin A.V., Tseimakh E.A., Zimonin P.E.

The method of the treatment of lung tuberculosis and its complications by means of the endobronchial valve was developed on the basis of the long research works made in Barnaul and the clinical experiments in clinics of Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Kemerovo. The novelty of this method is forming of the hypoventilation and atelectasis in a damaged lung area with preservation of the drainage function of the blocked bronchus and the destruction cavity.

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